Dis)concert: a humming projecr

3-channel video/sound installation, 9' on loop.
(Part one)

I ask people I know, to think of a melody that soothes them, and brings them calm and peace, when the world outside makes no sense to them.
I ask them to hum it.
I film them, and record their hums.
A musician is then invited, to compose a piece of music from the different hums; a composition that reflects the transcendence quality of the act of humming: an action that transforms into a refuge, a shelter, in a world that feels constantly on the edge of disaster.

For the screening at Tokyo Wonder Site, I invited Japanese composer Haruka Hirayama, to create a composition from the hums I collected from Tokyo, Cairo and Palestine.

The project is ongoing, with new cities, hums and composers.

TWS Shibuya, Tokyo Wonder Site (Tokyo Arts and Space), Tokyo, 2017 (comissioner)