About the Artist 

Mirna Bamieh an artist from Jerusalem/ Palestine. She obtained a B.A in Psychology from Birzeit University in Ramallah (2002-06). M.F.A. in Fine Arts at Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design in Jerusalem (2011-2013). Ashkal Alwan Home Works study program in Beirut (2013/14).

Her works attempts to understand the politics of disappearance in their relation the ever-shifting politics, while equally questioning notions of land, geographies of in-between temporality. Two years ago she went to cooking school and obtained a Diploma in Professional Cooking. Which made her develop works that use the mediums of storytelling and food for creating socially engaged projects through her art practice, through which she aspires to create artworks where food/eating/sharing create an innovative, and fresh way for people to experience themselves and their surroundings, such projects are : Maskan Apartment Project, Potato Talks Project, and for the past 3 years, a full focus on Palestine Hosting Society.

Palestine Hosting Society is a live art project that explores traditional food culture in Palestine especially those that are on the verge of disappearing. The project brings these dishes back to life over dinner tables, talks, walks, and various interventions. It was founded in 2017, as an extension of to Bamieh’s practice that often looks at the politics of disappearance, and memory production. Mirna creates artworks that unpack social concerns and limitations in contemporary political dilemmas, and reflect on the conditions that characterize Palestinian communities.

She participated in a number of local and international shows and festivals, such as: Where no Wall Remains Biennial/ New York Nov2019, Qalandiya International/ Palestine (all editions), Museum of Fine Arts/ Gifu, Japan Nov2017. Tokyo Wonder Site/ Tokyo Jul 2016, Apr 2017. IFFR Rotterdam Film Festival- Rotterdam/ Jan 2017. Under the last sky Festival - Berlin/ Sep 2016. Halcyon, Transart Berlin Triennial - Berlin/ Aug 2016, Mosaic Rooms/ London Aug 2016. Tokyo Wonder Site Exhibition - Tokyo/ July 2016. Palest’in &out - Paris/ July 2016. Marrakech Biennial - Marrakech/ March 2016. Afterwardsness Solo show, al Hosh Gallery- Jerusalem Jan 2016. I spy with my little eye - London, Madrid/2015. Alfilm festival - Berlin/2015. Exposure 2014 - Beirut Art Center. Qalandiya International - Palestine/2012/2014/2016. Encounters Film Festival - Bristol/ 2014. Cork Film Festival - Ireland/2014. Eye on Palestine Art and Film Festival - Brussels/ 2014. “Artist of the Year Award 2012” with A.M Qattan Foundation - Ramallah/2012 and Mosaic Rooms, London/ 2013. She participated in several art residencies including: Tokyo Wonder Site, Japan, 2016. Maroc Artist Meetin, Marrakech, Maroco, 2016. Art Omi, New York/ USA, 2015. Ashkal Alwan, Beirut/ Lebanon, 2013. Kathmandu Contemporary Art Center (KCAC), Kathmandu/ Nepal, 2013. Delfina Foundation, London/ UK, 2012.

She participated in several international residencies such as: Vooruit, Ghent 2020, U-jazdowski Castle for Contemporary Art, Warsaw/ 2019, Tokyo Wonder Site, (TOKAS), Tokyo/ 2016. Art Omi, New York/ 2015. Maroc Artist Meeting residency, Marrakech/ 2016. Marra.tein, Beirut/2014-2015, Kathmandu Contemporary Arts Center, Nepal/ 2013. Delfina Foundation, London/ 2012.

She received several grants and awards such as: CEC ArtsLink International/New York (Autumn 2020), Jodi Guggenheim Award/Zurich (2021), Visible Award (long list), 2017. for Goethe Institute Production Grant, 2016. ArteEast Fellowship, 2015. A.M Qattan Foundation production grant, 2013, 2014. Artist of the Year Award (3rd Price), 2012. Global Art Forum Fellowship, Art Dubai, 2011.

Her work has been featured on many platforms, such as Aj+, Hyperallergic, MoMa Ps1, Chronogram, El Comodista, BBC, al Ahram,Yale Theater magazine.

ميرنا بامية فنانة من القدس. حصلت على شهادة البكالوريوس في علم النفس من جامعة بيرزيت رام الله (٢٠٠٢-(٢٠٠٦ والماجستير في الفنون الجميلة  من جامعة بيتسالئيل/ القدس (٢٠١١- ٢٠١٣). وشاركت في برنامج اشغال داخلية مع اشكال الوان/ بيروت ٢٠١٣-٢٠١٤ لماجستير في الفنون الجميلة  من جامعة بيتسالئيل/ القدس (٢٠١١- ٢٠١٣). وشاركت في برنامج اشغال داخلية مع اشكال الوان/ بيروت ٢٠١٣-
هيم الاختفاء في علاقتها بالسياسة المتغيرة باستمرار من منظور مفاهيم الاماكن المتغيرة/ الاماكن الانتقالية و الجغرافيات التي يتسم الزمن فيها بالبينية، فتبحث في اللغة والرواية التي تنبثق من تلك الاماكن وتبحث في كيفية تفكيكها واعادة بناءها ضمن سايقات تخرج عن الواقع في مقاربة لفهمها بمنظور جديد.  في عام ٢٠١٧، حصلت على دبلوم في الطبخ الاحترافي، مما قادهالتطوير أعمال تستخدم وسائل سرد القصص والطعام لإنشاء مشاركة اجتماعية من خلال ممارستها الفنية ، مثل: مشروع مسكن ، احاديث البطاطا ، واستضافات فلسطين. كمت وتسعى دائما إلى إنشاء أعمال فنية يخلق فيه الطعام/الأكل/المشاركة طريقة مبتكرة وجديدة للناس لتجربة أنفسهم ومحيطهم.