video Installation, 1’ on loop, 2011

“A map, like all abstractions, is a kind of lie. The world outside our heads, the world inside them, and the lines by which we represent inside and out do not really correspond any more than do a squirt of stars”  
Trickster Makes This World, Hyde, Lewis.

White Map, is a map that is completely blank, apart of a few heavenly coordinates. Through which, It becomes a framework for an imagery journey for a poem by Lewis Carol, “The Hunting of the Snark”, 1928.

White Map, goes from full visibilty to full blur,  turning into an empty space that invalidates conventions and allows for a view of the world without purpose, a metaphor for all maps by containing the sum of all possible projections.

White Map is an "unimagined" vision of a world, where boarders, division, and obstacles are swallowed in white void.

White Map, was screened at:
Birzeit Univeristy Museum, 2010.
Center for contemporary art, Laznia, 2011.