Story of I, and Other Suggestive Lanscapes

Short film, 23', 2013

Story of I, and Other Suggestive Lanscapes is a film about a journey that the artist used to make on regular basis, from 2011to 2013 between: Ramallah and Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. This crossing expose physical and mental passages folded through geography, history, politics and power relations in those 3 cities. The imagery of the film is juxtaposed with a narrative text that is based on “Story of The Eye” (George Bataille, 1928), a "pornographic" text where blood, suffocation, sudden terror, crime, and all things that "disturb human bliss and honesty" act as arousal triggers for the main characters. Revealing the main character’s fetish on image making, and power manipulation.

International Queer Festival, Mala Voadora Arts Center, Lisbon, 2015. Cork Film Festival, Ireland, 2014. Encounters Film Festival, Bristol, 2014.
Bezalel Academy for Arts and Design, Tel Aviv, 2013.