Sour Things: The Souq 

Site-spacific multimedia installation
text, ceramics, ferments.

A multimedia installation that looks  at life, cities, people, relationships, and occurrences through fermentation as a tool for reflection. When fermentation is perceived as a metaphor, it presents a framework that temporarily removes itself from the habitual human experience and zooms into micro worlds of encapsulated multitudes. This zooming in and out of verses, makes the senses sharper and the practice of listening, learning and care deeper, more attuned and applicable.

Sour Things: The Souq, is site-spacific to the vacant vegetable and Fruits Souq in Sharjah, an architectual gem from the 70s in UAE. the Souq inspired this piece to introspect through different perspectives on notions of transformation, time, and alternative approaches to labor that exceeds immediate modes consumption, an approach that resides on a fine line between decay and preservation.

Comissioned by Sharjah Foundation, Sharjah Biennial 15, 2023. 

Sour when you are sour.

Sour// being inducing, or marked by the one of the five basic taste sensations that is produced chiefly by acids and is characteristic of lemon juice, sour pickles // having the acid taste or smell of, or, as if of fermentation: Turned sour // of, or, relating to fermentation // Sour face // smelling or tasting of decay: Rancid, Rotten //Sour breath // project gone sour: Bad, Wrong// Went sour: Hostile, Disenchanted // Unpleasant, Distasteful// Cross, Sullen //to become sour // not up to the usual, expected, or standard quality // acid in reaction // Sour air // Transitive verb ; to make sour //Synonyms: Adjective: acid, Acidic, Acidulous, Sourish, Tart, Vinegary // Synonyms: Verb: Alien, Alienate, Disaffect, Disgruntle, Estrange// Sour soul// Antonyms: Verb: Reconcile.