Sour Things: The Pantry

multimedia installation

Wooden structure, 2 videos, soundscape, ceramics, glass, drawings, wallpaper, salt.

In Sour Things: The Pantry, I zoom in on the idea of the pantry space of fermentation and preservation.

How does the pantry of the uprooted and displaced looks like?
How would preservation practices look when you are in a no-place, residing in liminality and in-betweenness. How would your pantry space feel like, when the walls have one foot in construction, and the other in demolition? What would it say?

To practice
fermentation you need to inhabit a place, but preservation can be practiced anywhere. Salt is hope, Salt is future time, that of a gathering when opening a jar of ferment to share is possible again.

Comissioned and produced by Noordbrabants Museum/ Netherlands. For Imagine Home exhibition Curated by Nina Folkersma.  

Drawings and ceramics produced during a residency at Hangar Center for Art invetigation/ Lisbon. Glass produced by Marc Barreda, courtusy of NIKA Project Space.

Sour Cities, stereo,, 15-min loop
Soundscape composition and design by Isaac Sullivan
Text and voice of Mirna Bamieh

Sour Cities mediates a text entitled “When life gives you lemons over and over again," in which the artist looks at traces and imprints of her life, with its constant movement and rootlessness, in the way it made her body sour, amidst a world that continually feels on the verge of collapse. Here, Bamieh's vocals – multiplied, fragmented, and recorded in varying sonic registers to imply a polyphonic subjectivity, interwoven with Sullivan's textural swarms of noise, which consolidate field recordings, vocal sampling, and granular synthesis.

Sour Wall, Sour Wall, wallpaper, 9x5 meters 
Collaborarion with Dima Bamieh, 2024.

A geometric concrete branch of a lemon tree of eyes, leaves humans and lemons fresh and decaying. Marking the space, the pantry inhabits in-between past and present, this wallpaper treads in its design, along concealing and revealing, all things sour, all things hidden, all things decay.

Sour Lives, ceramic and glass, 25x20x13cm, 32 unique pieces, 2023.

Sour Jars, watercolor, ink,brine on artisanal coton paper, 21.5x29cmcm, 22 drawings, 2023