Maskan Apartment Project

Curatorial project, 2015- ongoing.

Maskan Apartment Project is a curatorial project initiated and organized by mirna bamieh. the project purpose to turn the domestic spaces of "an apartment" into laboratories for artistic production and research.

Maskan takes the flat’s various rooms – kitchen, salon and library, balcony and toilet – and turns them over to artists who are invited by the project to create and reproduce previous site-specific interventions, complemented by curated film and video screenings, performances, talks and discussions.

Maskan uses as an artist-run model, to create connections between the cities the project visits. In addition to, inviting artists and projects to share the apartment and produce site specific Maskan projects.

From January till March 2015, Maskan hosted an exciting group of contributors: Franziska Pierwoss and Sandra teitge from Politique Culinaire, Alison Damick, Eliza Deutsch, Merve Unsal, Dictaphone Group, Digital marrakech, Khaled Jarrar, and dec·a·lage.

Maskan in Beirut was supported by Marrat.ein.

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