A Manual: How to Preserve Memeory 

13 one-minute videos on 3 channels, mixed media installation, 2014

An installation that consists of 3 channel screens of excersises, that try to shows instructions of how to preserve the memory of several objects, sensations, spaces and concepts, the installation includes a "wall of referace" with 27 objects mounted on the wall and accompanied by book references, and quotations which play between facts and fictions, blurring the meaning of the filmed sequences further. The work is a humorous work on the training of memory, in it everything seems like a fiction, even that which is true. This project inscribes itself in the wake of the destruction and oblivion of a culture and its people; ultimately it does not channel the past, but rather tried to remind us, in an almost compulsive manner, of the concerns of the present moment.

al Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem, 2015.
Beirut Art Center, Beirut, 2014. (comissioner)