A Brief Commentary on Almost Everything

one-channel video, 5’27, 2012

A one channel video installation comprising a scene that shows the artist in the process of completing one yawn. Intended to function as an intimate self-portrait, the artist has greatly slowed down the motion of the action to the point that it almost comes across as a photographic still. In doing so, the scene acquires an atemporal quality whereby the most intricate of details assume the kind of monumentality associated with grand gestures. This is reflective of the artist’s practice through which she deconstructs various phenomena and behaviours transforming them from trivial events to brief commentaries on almost everything in her world.

Nika Project Space, Dubai, 2023.
al Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem, 2015.

Mosaic Rooms, London, 2015.
Casa Arabe, Cordoba, 2015.
Casa Arabe, Madrid, 2015.